How to pose for your family photographs

There’s nothing quite like spending time with your beloved family. When you’re all together, having fun and making memories, taking enjoyable and beautiful photos can be a fantastic way to capture those memories to treasure forever. In fact, when you hire a talented and innovative family photographer to take the best pictures possible, you can truly see some fantastic results.

 However, taking unique photos isn’t as simple as many people think. It’s one thing to take out your smartphone and take a few selfies, but it’s another to take photos that genuinely show the personalities of each family member and how you all interact with one another. 

What Kinds Of Poses Should My Family do During A Photoshoot?

Family photos are vital, especially if your family is growing. Beautiful photos can help you document growth and capture a moment in time that will never happen again. With photographs that reflect who you all are together, you can look back years later and remember this particular season in your lives.. 

 Depending on the kind of feel that you’re going for, there are heaps of different positions we can try. Although when i start to photograph you and your family, i pick up on the vibe of how you all interact with each other and adjust my non posing or prompts as we go to reflect you all better. 

Having everyone standing together is one of the most standard options and pretty much where i'll start during a session. Ease everyone into being photographed and also means i'm not too close to start with.  When you think ‘standing’ photos, you probably think of everyone just simply standing next to each other, which is true to a point but then i'll proceed to give you all prompts and things to do together. 

Holding hands, walking towards me, someone leading the others, standing together all snuggled up, the list goes on. This all turns something simple into a chance for many different photos showing all sorts of family dynamics.  

 Just because you’re taking photos professionally doesn’t mean you have to stand far from the camera and in generic positions; why not take it to the next level? With creative perspective shots, you can get pictures that are both artistic and show off your beautiful family. 

 These kinds of photos could be taken from above while your family are lying down and looking up at the camera. Of course, you could use your location to your advantage as well to get beautiful backgrounds in your photos - and, if you have a pet with you, you can have them join in as well. Dogs are always welcome! 

Most of the time, when people hire a family photographer to get excellent photos of their family, they feel the need to act a certain way. Many people think that they have to look perfect or formal to look ‘right’,  but the absolute best family pictures (and i promise you, the ones you will love the most) are the ones that show off a family’s happiness and their genuine interactions with one another and these always come from the playful interactions. 

I'll pop the music on and we'll chat and wander around, while all you and your family need to do is relax and be present in the moment. Take the time to have a little fun together. You and your loved ones can interact, play, run around and laugh together while I capture those special moments. I've got two young kids myself, so i'm very fluent in the chat and love getting down to their level and encouraging them during the shoot. I usually end up with a little buddy helping me to take the photographs. 

A family photoshoot you'll want to do again and again 

Full disclaimer, i think posing is very overrated. Yes, i will always take the refrigerator photo for the grandparents - you know the one.. where everyone is standing still, looking at the camera and nine times out of ten, saying 'cheese'.

However the 'posing' i use is more of a guide for you all, to give you something to do while i watch for the moments after the thing. Thats where the beautifully ordinary magic is. So let's chat a bit about my non posing prompts and how they can help to create some authentic images of you and your loves. 

Where Can I Find A Fun And Creative Photographer For My Family’s Photography shoot?

At Frankly Faye, I am so passionate about helping New Zealand families take photos that are beautiful, memorable and unique. Most importantly though, they need to feel like you and your family. I want you to recognise yourself and your babies in those images. Forget about generic poses and bland backgrounds; I am all about placing you into a wonderful space and letting you shine through non posing. 

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Let's capture the beautifully ordinary together.  

Two souls, one story

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey. 

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