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this is nostalgia

this is nostalgia


The way someone smiles when trying not to, or how they always grab your hand and give it a squeeze. People are filled with these tiny moments and I love watching for them. 
That and being massively obsessed with the medium, photographing people in love became a very natural extension. 

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congrats, you must be in love!

Are you looking for an Auckland wedding photographer? My name is Hannah, and i’ve got you covered. I started Frankly Faye to capture all those special moments on your wedding day so you can look back and remember the details for years to come. It’s such a privilege to be able to pass these photographs onto you and something I don't take lightly.

If me being your Auckland wedding photographer sounds ideal to you, fill out the contact form on my website, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!


My goal as an Auckland wedding photographer is not just to get a few pictures of your wedding but to tell your story through a series of photographs of how it felt for you both at that moment. Most importantly though, I want you to have the best damn time possible. Think of me like a bonus friend - there for you throughout the planning process and then celebrating hard with you on your wedding day. 

A bit about me...

I got into photographing weddings because I have always been a creative and sentimental little soul. The way people interact and connect has always been something I resonate with. For me, those perfectly imperfect moments between people are the ones that mean the most and are an absolute joy to photograph.

People are filled with moments like this: little hand squeezes, secret smiles, happy tears, and bubbles of laughter. I love noticing and celebrating these. I love giving people something that recognises what they have is special. Every love story is unique and deserves to be preserved.

I’m ridiculously obsessed with photography, in all it’s glorious ways, especially shooting with old, beat up cameras that your grandparents probably used. 35mm film, super 8 video, polaroid and medium format - i lug them all around with me. Exploring through these mediums is extremely cathartic and brings a really beautiful, nostalgic feel to your wedding day when paired alongside digital photography - and I just can't get enough.

So, naturally, I became an Auckland wedding photographer - and I love what I do. I have attended and photographed weddings all over New Zealand and am so proud to say that I have captured some absolutely beautiful moments. To know that the couples i’ve photographed are going to get immense joy form those images for generations to come, is truly a wonderful thing.

If any of this is resonating with you, let's have a chat!

Months of planning and hard work go into creating one incredible wedding day. You'd be surprised at how fast the day itself flies! That's why it is super important to find a photographer, not only whose work you love but most importantly, who you vibe with. I spend so much time throughout the process with you both that you need to feel completely at ease with me, with full trust to let me in to photograph you. Photography is such a personal thing and Wedding photography is so fast paced with no do overs, that if you feel comfortable and relaxed with me (which is my ultimate goal) not only will your photographs with show that, but your memory of the day will be an amazing one.

Imagine you and your partner thirty years from now, sitting on the couch flicking through your wedding album. How do you want to remember that day? What kind of wedding photos do you want to hold on to for the rest of your life?

Making the most of your wedding day

My role as your Auckland wedding photographer is to give you space to fully immerse yourself in your wonderful day. You can enjoy yourself in every moment, knowing that I will be there photographing not only the location and all the little details you worked so hard on but most importantly all the small, yet mighty moments of interaction between the two of you and your favorite people in the world.

I'm based in Auckland, but I love a good roadie - I have a playlist ready to belt out to. So whether your dream wedding is in Hawkes Bay, Northland, or Waiheke Island, I will happily join you for your entire experience.

Let me take you through some of what I focus on when I work as your Auckland wedding photographer.

The wedding photography you deserve

 wedding photography

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life, a day that you will surely remember forever. In my time as an Auckland wedding photographer, I have consistently found that I take the best photos when the people I am working with are comfortable with me.

Prioritising a stress free, wonderful experience

My worst nightmare (I'm not even kidding) is failing to facilitate a feeling of comfort and ease for the people in front of my camera. It is totally natural to feel nervous and weird when you're getting photographed (i do 100% when it’s me - probably partly why i like to take the photos haha), especially by someone you don't know so well.

So it is super important to me that I feel like a friend to you! My favorite photographs I've taken over the years come from candid moments - which will happen if I successfully help you feel at ease with me around, hovering with camera.

Lucky for all of us, I'm a pretty friendly gal, and I can guarantee that I will be having as much fun as you when I'm making your wedding photos.

The best Auckland wedding photographers are like friends


All that matters is that you have a fantastic, magical time on your wedding day, and that will show through in your photographs. Be present in the moment, i’ll guide you when needed, make a fool of myself if helpful and party hard with you!

I've had the privilege of attending a LOT of weddings. Let me tell you - every love story is so different, and every wedding reflects that uniqueness. A super important part of what I do is adapting what I can offer stylistically to match your beautiful narrative.
As your Auckland wedding photographer, I can make sure your personality shines in your photos, using a range of photography techniques.

The type of camera I use can drastically change the kinds of photos you get. I love mixing it up between digital and analogue photography, so you get a lot of power in choosing what you think will best capture your wedding day. Polaroid takeaways anyone? Nothing beats the tangible image, especially when you walk away at the end of the night with these in your hot little hands.

Let your good time shine!

Honouring your unique style

Cameras and vibes

good vibes only

Digital cameras

With a digital camera, I can get some amazing images that perfectly encapsulate every detail. Loving the way your veil shimmers in the light? Digital is great for that exact image - and as your Auckland wedding photographer, I can make that happen.

For those gorgeous staged images of the whole bridal party, the family shots, and the portrait photography, digital comes in handy. One of its biggest advantages is the fact that I can take hundreds of photos on the memory card, so you won't have to worry about somebody blinking in that group photo - which happens every time!

Analogue cameras

I definitely have a soft spot for analogue photography though and it only gets softer the longer I spend as an Auckland wedding photographer.

The main analogue photography and videography mediums I love to use are 35mm film and super 8. Using these nostalgic photography methods goes really well with my philosophy that the perfectly imperfect moments are the best parts at weddings. An unpolished, grainy image has the same otherworldly yet loveable feel that a hidden smile or a self-conscious dab at the eye does. They feel raw and real, light soaked and completely human.

Call me a romantic or a sentimentalist (guilty as charged - what can I say? I'm a wedding photographer) but I love hammering home the sense of nostalgia and enchantment in my wedding photography.


35mm film makes for some awesome, vintage-style photos that are packed with nostalgia. What I love the most about this kind of film is the fact that it creates such beautiful colours and grain, ohhh the grain! The process is super fun and waiting for the scans to come back from the lab, it’s like christmas.

Super 8 wedding videography

I also love to use super 8 to record a film of your day. It’s not crisp and crazy clear like digital videos, but thats the magic of super 8. It’s shaky, slow, vulnerable, real and romantic. Think home movies from the 70’s. It pairs so well with 35mm and medium format photographs, plus throw in the digital and you have this wonderful collection of memories from your wedding day - analogue photography

Super 8 film has a personality that goes above and beyond what digital videography can achieve. For me, it feels far more personal and intimate. Unless you love the highly polished and poised feel that you get from digital - which for the record, absolutely nothing wrong with that! As your wedding photographer, I would love to whip out my super 8 and create some magic with you both.

As your Auckland wedding photographer, I can create gorgeous, nostalgic footage of your wedding using super 8 film.

Having been the engagement, wedding, and elopement photographer for so many amazing couples around New Zealand, I definitely know where to look for the beautiful moments that you will want to treasure for years to come.

When you guys get in touch with me during your wedding planning process, we can have a chat about what’s most important to you both, what you want to feel and remember when reminiscing on your wedding day in the decades to come. We can bounce ideas around, I can offer suggestions that I think you might like and help you plan out a super wonderful day. Maybe you want me there for a pre wedding shoot, or you'd also like some engagement photos to share before the big day. We can make it happen!

Composing your photos

Of course, I will always be on the lookout for candid moments and all those moments you want to have on the record. Your favourite people helping you into your dress or fixing your tie, your sister having a cheeky breakfast mimosa, your dad tearing up at the sight of your happiness. That "you may now kiss" moment, the signing of the documents, the first dance.

It would be my absolute pleasure to be there for it all.

If you are looking for someone to photograph your Auckland wedding, I would love to be that person. Photographing weddings is my dream job, and I know that you will treasure your photos forever.

Let's have a chat about how I can best photograph your wedding! Get in touch with me via my contact form, or take a look at my Instagram if you want to see more.

Your New Zealand wedding photographer

35mm wedding photography

Super 8 wedding videography

Hayley & Dion

Highly highly recommend Hannah!
She’s a fabulous photographer that listened to everything we wanted captured at our elopement! Because our family weren’t there I asked Hannah to have a few photos that same day so I could send them to our families. And boy did she deliver! She gave us way more edited photos than anticipated within 4 hours of leaving the shoot. She took absolutely stunning photos that I’ll treasure forever.

Kadyn & Cushla

Hannah travelled from Dunedin to Napier for our wedding and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else. I'm not photogenic and don't like posing but Hannah made hubby and I feel comfortable and relaxed which really shows in the photos.

I thought I was a chill bride, and I was to a point, but apparently I wanted more than I realised and no request was too much for Hannah. She really is just an amazing human being. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Michelle & Sam

Hannah photographed our Wedding in Niue and by far exceeded our expectations!!! It was no trouble for her to travel overseas and she really made our day what it was. My husband does not enjoy photos one bit but she managed to capture him and moments together wonderfully (god knows how!!). Would recommend Hannah at Frankly Faye to absolutely anybody. I have never met someone so friendly, welcoming and inclusive and wish I could get married again so I could spend the day with her again!!! She starts your journey as a photographer but leaves being a best friend!



Every story, every moment, it’s your time to shine. Let's make some kick ass memories!






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No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to celebrate your love, your unique connection.